Dry Bush


The OMT-HT identifies a new generation of sliding bearings with good property of resistance to high temperatures. Suitable for application with temperature between –188°C to +538°C (-306°F to 1000°F), also OMT-HT have high strength and resistance to chemical corrosion.

Bearing PropertiesUnitValue
Maximum specific load StaticN/mm² Psi  200          29000
Maximum specific load dynamicN/mm² Psi100          14000
Maximum sliding speedm/s     fpm  0.4     78                   
Dry coefficient of friction   µm0.07 – 0.13
Maximum temperature°C          °F   +550°C   +1020°F
Minimum temperature°C          °F   -190°C    – 310°F
Shaft finish Ra (recommended)µm0.4 Ra
Shaft hardness (recommended)HB>45

Operating Conditions
OilVery good
GreaseVery good
Process fluidGood