Dry Bush


Self lubricating bearing with steel backing with intermediate layer is porous bronze and inner layer is PTFE with lead free.
It is applied to shock absorber of automobile, motorcycles and various hydraulic motors and pneumatic elements etc.

Bearing PropertiesUnitValue
Maximum specific load Static N/mm²    Psi250      35500
Maximum specific load dynamicN/mm²    Psi140      20000
Maximum sliding speedm/s        fpm2.5       500
Maximum PxV factorN/mm² · m/s1.8
Maximum PxV factor             
(short periods)
N/mm² · m/s3.6
Dry coefficient of frictionµm   0.02   –    0.25
Maximum temperature°C        °F+280°C  +536°F
Minimum temperature°C        °F-200°C   -328°F
Shaft finish Ra (recommended)µm0.4 Ra
Shaft hardness  (recommended)HB 

Operating Conditions
DryVery good
OilVery good
Process fluidFair
Process fluidFair

Chemical Characteristics

TYPEAirVacuumWeak Acidmiddle AcidStrong Acid Alkali