About Us

OMT brand stands for the development and manufacture of rolling bearings and plain sliding bearings.

Our products are the best choice in industry because of the company’s advanced and extended knowledge in bearing design coupled with the ability to manufacture a wide range of innovative and patented products suitable for applications in different industries.

We understand the changing requirements of the global bearings market. OMT strives for customer satisfaction and has built its customer service capabilities to provide high quality products, services and technical support with reasonable price and quick delivery. In the long term, OMT will deliver higher quality and more innovative designs for our global customers.

Bearings are supported by a strong foundation in Tribology, Metrology and Application analysis. These are our core study, subject to our most advanced research and development. Scientific knowledge and technical leadership of OMT can solve many problems associated with rotating machinery by developing innovative designs.

Basically we understand the changing requirements of the global bearings market and focus on application, cost and quality which satisfy main purpose in competitive world. Our main motto is delivering the best solution of bearings as per customer need.

Application industries: Automotive, Electric Motors, hydraulic pump, Industrial Pumps, Lawn and Garden, Transmissions, Material Handling, earthmoving, stone crusher, vibrating screen and still mill etc.